A sketching experience hosted by Australian artist Ben Ponté
exploring the streets & subways, parks & people, museums & iconic buildings of New York City.

Sketch and the CITY


The New York City Sketching Experience!


A sketching experience hosted by Australian artist Ben Ponté
exploring the streets & subways, parks & people, museums & iconic buildings of New York City.

The experience provides the opportunity for visitors and locals to be ‘drawn together’
to observe New York in new and astonishing ways!



IMG_8836 copy.jpg

Whether you are a practicing artist or have not drawn since childhood this experience inspires a personal interpretation of the city and the fun and friendly group atmosphere encourages a non-judgemental appreciation of every unique perspective.

As a teacher and guide Ben is passionate about cultivating and accentuating the joy and wisdom latent in alternate ‘ways of seeing’ and in helping guests uncover an ongoing connection to their own limitless reservoir of creative intelligence (oh that sounds good ey!)

The experience is suitable for all ages, is great for families and kids, and is a wonderful, insightful corporate team building exercise.

If you recently enjoyed a sketching experience and would like to leave Ben a tip, he would really really like that and then think to himself that you are truly wonderful!

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I cannot express how much l loved this experience. Very unique and inspiring. Met some super friendly people and Ben was a fantastic host. Would recommend if you want to learn a new way to appreciate the world around you.
— Peter February 4, 2019
So unexpectedly eye opening!
— Nick December 28, 2018
The experience with Ben in Sketch Your Way around Grand Central was absolutely awesome. He made every one feel comfortable, with simple and great orientation. Beautiful sketches were drawn, and it was fun meeting people from different parts of the world. I strongly recommend it!!
— Karla December 19, 2018
Ben is very patient, kind and profound in his manner of encouraging you to explore yourself and the world around you through your sketches. I would definitely recommend to anyone willing to connect through art or simply looking for something fun and different to do.
— Gabrielle December 29, 2018
Funny man and so patient!
— Sandy December 14, 2018
This was an AH-mazing experience!!! Loved meeting a few new people and Ben was a gem - I love his work and his gentle, thoughtful approach to teaching. His way of seeing individual abilities, encouragement and recommendation for improving was truly special. Such a unique and fun way to see the city from a “local”, creative perspective. I can’t recommend it enough for any skill level. Everyone will get something out of this - even children!
— Nanette December 29, 2018

All guest receive their very own pocket sketchbook to fill with miraculous musings, unreal observations, imaginary realities, profound profundities, profane redundancies, nice little squiggles & shopping lists.




"It seems to me that drawings do not lament distance, but reply with single word:


Drawings offer hospitality to an invisible company which is with us."

                                                                                                          John Berger



This is such an interesting and immersive way of interacting with the city. Every moment is made into art, including travel time between destinations. Your sketchbook will be filled with wonderful captures of the city and the life within it. Ben is a wonderful and friendly host who connects deeply with each member of the group personally.
                                                                                                                             Dael (Canada)



Ben is an artistic guru! He is a warming and enthusiastic individual which spreads a wonderful vibe throughout the group. If you are looking for an experience that will have u asking for more then this is for you!
— Henry November 16, 2018
Ben was immediately warm and inclusive and reminded us of the meditative quality that drawing from observation brings even in a bustling city. Sign up for this experience whether you identify as an artist or not.
— Serena November 16, 2018
This experience changed the way I express myself creatively. Ben is AMAZING, and also a total laugh. The drawing book & supplies he gives is fantastic. I find myself living an eraser free life & it’s all thanks to Ben!
— Ruby November 14, 2018
Totally brilliant. Encouraging, positive, informative. Extremely valuable as an experience and for opening our eyes & for making us look properly at N.Y as opposed to through the eye of a lense or screen.
— Bethan October 29, 2018

He is funny and knows a lot about sketching! [... ...] Art is awesome!”
— Dieter Mario December 3, 2018
My 10 year old son says, “I say 1000 star review.”
— Meghan October 17, 2018


Guest sketches...


Sketching with Ben is a great way to discover one’s artistic soul while visiting some of the most memorable NYC sites.
Justyna (Switzerland)

Ben made this a fantastic and very personable experience - I had “sketched” years ago but the perspective he has to really allow you to be creative is unique. He is also very personable and it was an absolute pleasure to spend the time with him. It actually encourages me to start sketching as a great way to destress!
— Najat December 23, 2018
Ben was amazing. The session was fun, inspiring, and great for anyone who wants to gain confidence in sketching. I’d even recommend this experience to local friends, it’s a good way to take a different look at the city you call home. Great for both adults and kids!
— Alex December 19, 2018
This was supposed to be a birthday gift for my girlfriend. Not only she loved it, but I ended up having one of the greatest experience in the city!
— Marco December 8, 2018
The perfect way to start my long weekend in this incredible city! Ben is such a great guy - fun, arty, easy to chat with. If you love art and architecture - or simply want to soak up NYC in a new way - i truly recommend this tour. Definitely a highlight for me.
— Jen December 7, 2018
The sketching session was awesome, we received from Ben many spiritual tips about sketching that can extend your abilities to capture now moments - I’m probably not an artist but I can tell that now I know better how to become one :-)
— Simon December 3, 2018
We absolutely loved it! Ben’s tour really offers a very different and exciting way to experience a vibrant and intense city like new york. He is a fantastic teacher so all of us felt well taken care of. Even if you do have no idea about sketching and do not feel like an artist in the beginning, Ben will help you get started and bring out your hidden sketching skills. The atmosphere during the tour was very relaxed and Ben tailored the experience to our individual skills and needs. ever since the tour we kept on sketching and are enjoying this new way of capturing little moments in time. Thank you, Ben!
— Tina December 1, 2018
Don’t miss this chance to record your experiences with some of NYC’s most iconic views! My teen son and I loved our time with Ben. Not only is he skilled, but a patient and encouraging teacher, making everyone feel a part of the group. We all met new people before parting two hours later as friends. I can’t wait to use my sketchbook to record my time in New York. Again, this is a Don’t Miss It experience to enjoy in New York!
— Rosalind November 19, 2018 
Ben is crocodile Dundee reincarnated as an artist! With Ben as our guide we braved the NYC outback, crowds at grand central station and canyons of skyscrapers, to find unique beauty within.
— Lois November 19, 2018

Students sketches from South Korea...

Now I see New York the way I've never seen before. I've never imagined that just having a pencil, sketch book and walking around the city will be this fun. It's like you are having your own moment but still feel connected to the people and environment around you through sketching.
                                                                                              Bay (Thailand)


Surely all art is the result of having gone through an experience all the way to the end, to where one can go no further...
...therein lies the enormous aid the work of art brings to the life of the one who must make it,
-:that it is his/her epitome... the ever returning proof of unity and genuineness.

                                                                                                          Rainer Maria Rilke